The production is one of the numerous spheres of the activity of "VAS Group" company. The manufacturing industries of bread products since 2001 and of salads and hot dishes since 2008 have been providing the customer their products.


The bakery workshop is supplemented with modern manufacturing equipment, the skillful professionals  who, strictly keeping the sanitary hygienic and all the bakery technological normative of the production activity, as well as applying the traditional, but unique recipes, produce under "VAS" brand and provide the customer a wide assortment of bread products, salads and hot dishes.
The production, meeting the strictest sanitary hygienic demands, includes:
  •  tight packing, that maintain product freshness and high quality,
  • production and expiry day/month dates note on the labels, which is being realized in order to give more complete information to the consumer, and allows to orientate correctly during the purchases and to choose fresh and safe food.