"VAS Group" company, being the exclusive representative of the numerous well-known trademarks in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, well realizes the importance of the directed marketing activities for the advancement of the goods in the market in modern conditions of the over tense competition. That`s why the company gives the opportunity to all the organizations to place their advertisement in the best visible territories of "VAS" supermarkets.  

By representing your advertisement to more than 90.000 visitors per month, you will not only contribute to the sales promotion, the raise of the recognition of the trademark, but also will have the opportunity to enter the market quickly and efficiently.

For the realization of all the advertising actions in the territory of "VAS" supermarkets,(providing free product sample (sampling), gifts, lottery, booklets and other informational materials targeted distribution (leafleting)), for the placement of advertising, you can call  010 56 20 56 or 010 67 32 42